What is Shift?

Shift is an application that makes scheduling simple. Schedule your day in shifts, automatically add breaks when they make sense, automatically sort your tasks into shifts, and have your shifts ready when you wake up.

Screenshot: Shift at commit 991f185

Why Shift?

The reason why I created Shift is that I needed a simple way to schedule my day. Without having my day scheduled, I usually start multitasking or work on not-so-important tasks, sometimes not knowing the most productive thing to do at the moment even makes me anxious. I started scheduling my days with plaintext files, typing in the times manually. To simplify this task, I created this app, which relieves a lot of stress for me.


Right now, Shift is still very experimental and in active development. There is a strong focus on responsive design and on having the client standalone without any servers required (even though synchronization might be added later).

To test Shift, simply open index.html in the browser of your choice (tested on firefox and chrome).