That's me!

My name is
Daniel Bugl

And I’m an entrepreneur (I founded the startup TouchLay) and a software developer. I currently live in Vienna, Austria.

I love structure, especially when it’s simple. Everything that interests me has a lot to do with structure - which is mainly Business, Programming and Development, but I also love making music and enjoy nature a lot (going for a walk, riding my bike, or just sketching ideas in my notebook outside)

I spend most of my time reading articles, checking out cool and new stuff on the web and working on awesome projects. I write and make music sometimes (the latter is more experimenting with synthesizers and sounds than making full tracks). I also love certain computer games, dwarf fortress is one of my favorites. (Programmers and dwarves have a lot in common)

I am currently studying Business Informatics at TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna) and I’m a technical tutor for the Programmkonstruktion (Program Construction ~= Programming) course. My main job there is the development and maintenance of the Multiple-Choice Exam Application.

Feel free to contact me about anything - services, ideas, your projects, my projects, the list goes on and on - even if you just want to chat with me. Just message me on any social network (list is on the bottom of this page) or shoot me an email at me@omnidan.net.

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